Our Expertise

Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and
Temp Jobs are Our Talent

The traditional hiring process – posting (or responding to) a job online, sorting through resumes, weeks of interviews – costs you time and money. At MBT, we specialize in skilled administrative support and special project placements to find the best fit for temp jobs at local Seattle & Bellevue companies.

Administrative Positions

Almost every department needs administrative support, and our extensive pre-screening ensures our candidates have the skills you need to work efficiently in temp jobs from day one.


If you received a grant for a new position, or need temporary support for a single campaign, temporary employees may be the best use of that funding.

Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants need to fit your personal requirements with efficiency and organization. Our quality-over-quantity approach makes Molly Brown Temps the best resource for these positions.

Special Projects

Whether you need seasonal support or coverage for a specific project, MBT has quality candidates ready for placement in temp jobs from a few weeks to several months.

Front Desk

Your front desk receptionist sets the tone for the office and visitors. Find the best fit for your culture with a candidate from Molly Brown Temps.

HR Roles

From payroll and compliance positions to HR assistant roles, MBT will send you a great team member to start right away.

ASAP Placements

Sometimes you need same- or next-day placements to support a department or cover an emergency. We have candidates lined up for temp jobs to meet your needs.