Get the Right Candidate the First Time

MBT: The Staffing Agency for
Seattle, Bellevue

Finding great teammates and employees can be a challenge: you spend time sorting through resumes, setting up interviews, and then you spend money onboarding. Even after all that effort, a candidate still may not work out over time.

Save time and money with the right candidate for the job the first time.

Whether you need someone for a few weeks to cover a vacation, or you want to try temp-to-hire as a “working interview” in your search for a long-term fit, our pre-screening process and transparent communication will get you a candidate right away.

Qualified Candidates

As your staffing agency for Seattle-based candidates, we pre-screen potential hires with skills assessments and discussions on their interests. You’ll meet candidates who not only do the job well, but also enjoy your environment.

Quality over

You don’t want a revolving door of temporary hires. With MBT, we ask you the right questions to understand your company, then send along candidates who will be a great fit on the first day.

8-Hr Satisfaction

Our 8-hour Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you will not be charged if a candidate doesn’t work out for any reason within those first eight hours on the job.

Our Placement Process

Step One

We’ll Perfect the Job Description

Don’t have the final job description written? Don’t worry. We’ll use the information you do have combined with what we know about your industry to source great candidates.

Step Two

Understanding Your Company Culture

We ask the right questions to clearly understand your company and culture, so we can make a great placement. As a staffing agency in Seattle, we have great connections with local candidates and know what questions they need answered to start in a position.

Step Three

Meet a Candidate Right Away!

As your local staffing agency in Seattle and Bellevue, we have access to candidates right away for as long as you need.

Staffing Agency: Seattle & Bellevue Placements

Why work with Molly Brown Temps? We have access to candidates you can’t find anywhere else with hiring options to take away risk.

When job boards won’t work

If you’re hiring an employee to cover a parental leave, sabbatical, or long vacation, job boards will be less effective. Those candidates aren’t typically searching for short-term engagements. We have employees ready to work for a few days to a few months, starting right when you need them.

Busy candidates aren’t looking

Those candidates who enjoy the variety and flexibility of temporary work aren’t looking on job boards, because they’re already working with a staffing agency!

Working Interview

The traditional hiring process takes time and energy that you don’t always have. Then, that candidate may not work out after all the money spent onboarding. With a staffing agency, Seattle and Bellevue candidates get a “working interview” for less risk to the employer.